The Anglo-Catholic History Society

What we do


The Society is open to all. It is not a devotional or ‘party’ grouping; its concern is the history of Anglo-Catholicism broadly defined. The subject matter includes biography, architecture and artistic development, music and literature, as well as general history at both national and local level.

It is not an academic society as such, though it includes academics amongst its membership. The lectures and publications are scholarly but aim always to be accessible to the wider public.

The Chairman, Dr Perry Butler, is always happy to hear from scholars working in the field (including postgraduates and local historians) who might like to address the society.

The Society aims to promote the history of the Anglo-Catholic movement (broadly defined) in a variety of ways:

• We meet three times a year in a London church for a lecture—these are usually held in early October, late January and June. For more details see our Events page. Lectures cover a variety of topics in the subject fields mentioned and are made accessible for those with different levels of expertise and knowledge.

• We are an established publisher of works in the field of study and these are available to members at a discount. For a list of publications available, please see here.

• We will occasionally make subventions to enable the publication of academic books.

• All members of the Society will receive, where possible, a copy of each lecture free of charge. Additionally, a regular newsletter is sent to all members.

• The Society is governed by a Constitution, and the officers are elected at an Annual General Meeting.

• The Society organises a visit by coach to a place(s) of historical interest each summer. For further details see our Events page.